Maintenance Support

We Reduce Downtime and Increase Productivity

Outsource your plant’s mechanical maintenance and support to Atek Electric and Mechanical. By partnering with Atek, we can keep your facility running smoothly, reduce costs, and increase productivity. When it comes to meeting your operational goals, our support team will deliver quantifiable results now and in the future.

How does Atek achieve tangible maintenance support results? Three ways.

  1. Comprehensive Maintenance. Along with fixing machinery and equipment that breaks down, companies rely on Atek to perform routine inspections and provide ongoing services to PREVENT breakdowns before they happen. In case of unexpected machinery failure, our staff already has the knowledge and experience from working with your equipment to diagnose the issue(s) quickly and provide solutions to minimize downtime.
  2. Experienced Mechanics. Experience matters. It means you’ll have the right solution the first time. At Atek, we understand that doing the job right the first time cuts waste and increases efficiency.
  3. Fast Response. Time is your most valuable resource. In emergency situations at your facility count on Atek to be there when it matters most. If there is a significant breakdown in your operations, we can dispatch one or more of Atek’s 20+ mechanics to respond immediately to the issue.