Machinery Installation

Machinery Installation Services in the Greater Bowling Green, KY Area

Atek Electric and Mechanical can install production and manufacturing machinery critical to the daily operations in the Bowling Green, KY, and South Central Kentucky area. Our team of 30+ can handle installs of any size. We install machines of all types and sizes, including but not limited to production lines, automated assembly, robotics, hydraulics, mechanical, laser, and more.

From blueprints to installation, Atek works closely with our clients during all phases of the plant construction process. Partnering with an electrical company that can manage all aspects of your business’s electrical systems is essential. We will work with your staff and the machinery developers to ensure all parts of your machine(s) are correctly installed, perform at an optimal level, are up to code, and are safe to operate. Proper machinery installment reduces downtime, increases capacity, prevents defects, extends its life, and lowers operational costs.

Since Atek has a deeper understanding of your plant’s machinery, we are trusted to provide ongoing maintenance and support. Depending on the size of your factory, we provide on-site staff daily or routinely drop in to inspect your systems. Routine inspections and maintenance prevent issues and allow our team to fix machines before or after they break down.