Lighting Upgrades

We install, upgrade and repair existing lighting systems in factories, warehouses, and commercial buildings in Bowling Green, KY, and Southern Kentucky.

Depend on Atek to design, supply, and install energy-efficient lighting systems for your new or existing factory or warehouse. By installing the latest lighting systems, we can help save hundreds of thousands of dollars in energy bills in just a few years. Lighting can make up 50% – 90% of your business’s energy costs, making an investment with Atek well worth the price.

Atek partners with TVA to find energy-efficient cost savings for your project. Lighting systems not only run up the energy bill but they also put out high amounts of heat, are less effective with every passing year, and generally do not have programmable features aside from the power switches.

Atek will optimize the position, space, and direction of lighting fixtures to get optimal use out of your lighting system and distribute light evenly throughout your facilities. Further, we utilize intelligent light control systems, allowing you to program the brightness, light operation schedule, and motion.